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About Innova Consulting

We have worldwide experience in the planning and management of transport systems 

We have provided advisory services for organizations such as the European Commission, the Highways Agency, a large UK local authority, ITS United Kingdom and ITS Arab. We have also worked alongside several international systems integrators and scheme operators.  

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning initiates individual or multiple projects that are coordinated in an overall program of projects, which are aligned with the defined strategy.

Project Planning

Project planning sets a foundation framework

that is aligned with the strategic plan and it defines detailed needs and procurement strategies for projects.


Innova experts are at the forefront of complex ITS project implementations that include managing the complexities of greenfield and fast-track deployments.


In-depth experience of ITS operations

management from a wide range of market sectors including Roads, Rail, Emergency Services and Defence.

Project Management

Experienced in selecting and applying the most appropriate project management methodology, processes and techniques for any given project or assignment.

Organisational Development

Experienced in defining the appropriate and effective organisation structure, delegated authorities and job descriptions for a permanent function or a project.

Safety and Security

We incorporate the underlying safety and security requirements. We also identify potential enhancements and collaborative opportunities with other stakeholders.

Due Diligence

We incorporate the underlying due diligence requirements. We also provide due diligence as an independent service to assure project owner, or for an investor.



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are assured to have a solid support to drive their strategy forward.

is paramount and incorporated in all phases and stages.

with embedded ITS expertise.

through continuous monitoring and improvements.

management of complexities using systems engineering.

of our clients, employees, partners and the community.

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